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pronounced dead at the scene. police are trying to determine whether the stabbing was gang related or not. it's the city's fifth homicide of the year. we have a crew at the scene. more coming up tonight at 6:00. the search for chris dorner is wrapping up near big bear. the excop turned killer is believed dead after a gun battle and fire. we are live with the very latest for us tonight. >> reporter: that remote cabin is about 10 miles up the road here. chp just opened up the highway, highway 38 by moving the check point further up toward the crime scene itself. but no media will be allowed near that for the foreseeable future. and meanwhile, here in southern california, it's been a somber day. today the quiet work of recovery begins as the first of the memorial services for murdered officers gets underway. michael crane was honored by
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officers from all around southern california, they lined up at the grove community church today. some like a firefighter with a personal connection to the murdered officer. he answered the call after the shooting. >> reporter: when did you find when you got there? >> a bullet ridden vehicle with two officers that were shot. the driver, he was shot, but still alive at that time. crane was unconscious. >> reporter: and people from across southern california poured into the riverside service and many with connections to this shooting spree. >> my daughter knew the young woman. the first victim. and just my way of coming back just to pay my respects. >> reporter: did you make up the sign? >> yes. >> reporter: your words? >> yes. >> reporter: what moved you to do this? >> to show his family that we
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still care for him, even if he's not right with us, he is still in our hearts. >> reporter: he was laid to rest in the national cemetery. and up in the mountains, others who encountered the suspect are counting their blessings today at getting away alive. >> he said i don't want to hurt you. just get out and start walking up the road and take your dog. i said, can i take her leash. and he said, no. we started walking up the road. within about 10 seconds or so, i had heard a big volley of gun fire. >> reporter: it's a week nobody will forget. be. >> be ready on the number four side. we have fire out the back. >> one shot fired from inside the residence. >> copy. confirming you still want fire rolling? >> roll in and stage. >> reporter: to the beginning of one of the biggest forensic jobs ever handled in southern
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california. and it's really hard to overstate the extent of the forensic work. they'll comb through the cabin with a fine tooth comb. and that's going to begin at this hour because it's no longer smoldering or a problem. that will take weeks before they go through the cabin entirely. more later and also from some of the residents up here in and around big bear who had rather close calls over the last couple days. you will hear about it tonight on channel 5. kpix 5. back to you. >> did he take his own life? those are questions unanswered tonight, right? >> reporter: yes. still don't know. again, that forensic work will take a longtime. and it is believed, it has been reported by some of the law enforcement agencies that he was in fact shot by a sharpshooter before that fire broke out. we will find out in the coming hours and days. >> very good. thank you so much.
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well, one of his victims may be in line for the million-dollar reward, but maybe not. a house cleaner who he tied up in a condo managed to escape, reported it to police and then told them that it stole a car. but it stipulates that it's for leading to his capture and conviction. since it's all but certain that he is dead whether the reward is paid may come down to a judgment call. it's kind the equipment needed yesterday. but a armored vehicle designed to withstand weapons of mass destruction is causing a stir. some are questioning whether the money spent on the vehicle is really worth it. >> reporter: that's right. it was in here, just not known for this time of thing. but times are changing. here's the story. most people picture him --
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picture the community of a well oiled life style. the idea of teaming up to buy a bearcat urban assault vehicle similar to the one here for the sheriff's department newly created department of mass destruction unit has people talking. >> seems ridiculous. doesn't seem appropriate. >> i'm not sure we need an assault vehicle, but beyond. >> reporter: the county supervisor has certainly gotten an ear full over the deal. >> well, i think there's two levels of reaction. the high school kids can't get a get a ride in it. and the general public wonders if it's the best use of funds. >> reporter: money comes from a grant. and the van will be used by a four-county weapons of mass destruction unit and will be able to respond to emergencies, including chemical, bilogical, radio logical, and nuclear
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explosive agents. >> possibly huge weapons of mass destruction, bilogical chemical or nuclear here? >> you know, no i think the biggest thing we have is protest over dog walkers. but as far as being prepared and part of a mutual aid response, this is what we're doing. so it gives them another tool. you know, from your perspective, perhaps another tool to become familiar with. but in times of trouble, you want these folks to know how to use what they've got. >> it did you want seem to go with the image. >> well, it doesn't. and you know, i think that we are a community, a peace loving crowd. on the other hand, we're also a crowd that's been known for our planning skills and we're planning ahead with this. >> reporter: and that's something folks are thinking about, even here. >> it sounds like a waste of money, doesn't it? and look at yesterday going on. >> it says it could happen
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here. you know, newtown, connecticut is a nice quiet little town. >> reporter: and i guess that's the new reality, even here. kpix 5 news. the fairfield man accused of killing made his first appearance today. anthony jones sat shackled as he was assigned a public defender. he is accused of kidnapping, raping and murdering the 13- year-old girl whose nude body was found on february 1st. the arraignment was continued until next week. the district attorney's office has not said whether he will face the death penalty. attorneys for barry bonds went to bat for him in federal court today, trying to appeal the obstruction of justice conviction. he was convicted back in 2011 after a jury said he was evasive to a grand jury eight years earlier about using performance enhancing drugs. the dean of golden gate university's law school says this could be less about the
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law and more about legacy. >> the main thing he's looking towards is his history. looking to rehabilitate himself so he can be looked at and get into the hall of fame at some point. that's the ultimate goal. >> the three judge panel took the case under submission and didn't not indicate how or when they would rule. outside mark zuckerberg's house. you will never guess who is coming to dinner tonight. that story coming up. good evening tow. your forecast. a forecast that includes some 7s. find out who may hit 70 degrees as soon as tomorrow. and how long we're going to stay that warm. all coming up next. and as valentine's day looms, all sorts of implications for the wall expert the body. how to stretch your dollars on
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roses. you can get health benefits when it comes to chocolate.
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the dust - in name at least. word just in that american airlines and u-s airways will merge and crea biggest airline. t another major air carrier bites the dust. word just came in u.s. airways will merge and create the world's biggest airline. the planes will fly under the american name and logo. a formal announcement will come tomorrow morning. president barack obama took his state of the union message on the road today. he visited a north carolina car parts plant to promote the plan to revitalize american manufacturerring. he is teaching for funding to teach americans. and national politics unfolding on the peninsula tonight. we are live in mobile 5. ken. >> reporter: yeah, hi. well, the president not the only politician on the move tonight. new jersey governor chris christie is in the bay area tonight. and in fact, he's having din we
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are mark zuckerberg at mark zuckerberg's home here. this is a fund raiser. in fact, he has been up and down the state in several days, mainly in beverly hills picking up cash because he's up for re- election in 2014. what's this got to do with mark zuckerberg? they got together back in 2010 when he and his wife made quite a sizable donation, about $100 million to new jersey schools because they were impressed with the reforms that chris christie had enacted. some of the teachers' unions not too crazy about the reforms and there are a number of groups protesting here as well. some of those group will be here to talk about the governor's legislation to limit planned parent hood funding. they're not happy about that.
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and they say women's rights as well. now gentlemen representing facebook came out, the manager of public policy and communications and gave me a little statement to read here. mark has worked closely with governor chris christie on education reform. they look forward to continuing their important work together on behalf of newark school children. i guess you could call it political. certainly if you're hosting one of the biggest gop names in the country at your house for dinner. and it's for money then that is considered political. but the folks at facebook say, no, they just agree on education. we will find out. reporting live. step one, roses. but how do you get the most for your money? we did comparison shopping and it could save you more than a dozen bucks. step two, chocolate.
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packs of sugar, but that's not all. how it can help, yes, help your body. what's that? when i take a picture of this check, it goes straight to the bank. oh. oh look the lion is out! no mommy no!
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don't worry honey, it only works on checks. deposit checks from your smartphone with chase quickdeposit. just snap a picture, hit send and done. take a step forward and chase what matters. catholics packed saint peter's basilica in vatican city today to see pope benedict celebrate mass in public for the last
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catholics packed vatican city today to see pope benedict celebrate mass in public for the last time. thousands of faithful gave the pope a long ovation near the end of today's ash wednesday service. and in case you have forgotten, tomorrow is valentine's day and roses are selling everywhere from grocery stores to high end florist. how they stack up. >> reporter: for some, the way to their heart is through the stomach. >> dinner out. >> valentine's chocolates. >> reporter: but the most popular is by far flowers. >> love getting roses. >> reporter: the cost of the sweetheart's sweet smelling treat can vary depending on where you buy them. but does more money mean better roses? florist was enlisted to find out. comparing this $9.99 bunch from a grocery to $14.99. and this bunch for $45 from a
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small florist along with this $90 from an upscale floral designer nnchts good shape. >> reporter: she was impressed with the long stems and packaged. and she said both the $45 and $14.99 were in good shape. but one of the supermarket roses was beginning to droop. and seven days later -- >> it's really sad. >> reporter: the $9.99 siewm market bunch didn't fair so well, but the farm stand dozen was in worse shape. >> when you touch it, it falls apart. >> reporter: the mid-range flowers from the local florist held up best and turns out, more money doesn't mean better roses. the biggest disappointment was the $90 bunch. >> only one in this bunch that seems to have survived. >> reporter: and now we did a similar test last year and found the best way to control the quality of flowers is go directly through a local florist. they fill most of the online
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orders anyway. and if the valentine lives cross country, search in their neighborhood and order direct. most will deliver and you will save on the online service charge. >> does it count if i got the candies? >> well. have you done your shopping? >> he has. >> yes. my beautiful wife watching, absolutely. >> yes, dear. >> the truth is yes. and what we have done too, gone looking for good weather. maybe you can't get the reservation because most of the tables are inside. you may be able to grab the outdoor table if you get an early evening reservation tomorrow. it's going to be mild outside. live look over san jose, getting warmer tomorrow. what number stands out there? yeah, downtown san francisco's 49. strong sea breeze this afternoon. everybody else in the low to
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mid-60s. san jose 60. how about this, went back five years and looked for the average, first 70-degree day. we're already beyond the average. february 6th is the average for a 0-degree day. tomorrow and friday, there's the chance that san jose may hit 70 degrees. very high chance that it remains dry through the holiday weekend. tonight, 43. that's milder. redwood city 40. san francisco down to 46 degrees. overnight tonight. and that huge ridge of high pressure is still hanging strong and will hang strong through the weekend. but subtle changes. tomorrow, warm us up. and the winds go from northwest to northeast. and the warmest since about halloween is going to be moving in. it's going to be quite mild and very sunny for the next several days. beginning on sunday and monday, we're looking at high pressure moving out. and that will bring in a stronger onshore flow and temperatures drop to the low
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60s. and then they'll drop to the 50s as the low pressure area gets here. and that's coming up next week. very mild the next three days with isolated low 30s. thursday, friday and saturday, but cooler and wetter weather will be moving in next week. look at the highs, oakland 68 tomorrow. and concord 66. and san ho jose shy of 70. 68 for walnut creek. 70 for santa rosa. sunshine in berkeley tomorrow with the high of 67 degrees. near 70 on friday. near 0 on saturday. cooler on sunday. cooler again on monday back down near 60 here we go, rain fall next tuesday and wednesday with scattered showers. beautiful day as we mentioned outside. thousands of folks chose to spend the day inside. we are live with the mobile weather to tell us why. >> reporter: what's going on in there? okay, just checking out the
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mobile weather. and let's come over. we are on the corner of autumn street in san jose. i have to tell you something, a moment ago it was 61 degrees. and now sporting 60. and since we have debuted the mobile wealth, that's the warmest temperature i have seen recorded yet. yes! finally some 60s. the pressure is high. and the wind speed is under 5 miles per hour. we are outside hp pavilion playing host to the sap tennis open. and that's why people are going from outside to inside to watch the best tennis players in the world compete against each other right here in san jose. but i got to tell you, they have been doing it for 125 years and this year is the last year. so today, they hosted a lady's luncheon. it was lady's day here. and these women had a really great time, taking pictures with the players and getting autographs signed. but i was curious, why is it
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the last year after 125? we will address that subject right here on the newscast. again, 6:00 right here. reporting from mobile weather. >> thank you. well, we mentioned roses and now onto the sweeter side of valentine's. boutique chocolate is suddenly everywhere. the good and bad news for your body.
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through presidents' day, get 36 months interest-free financing and save up to $500 on beautyrest and posturepedic. get a sealy queen set for just $399. even get 3 years interest-free financing on tempur-pedic. plus, free delivery, set-up, and removal of your old set. keep more presidents in your wallet. this special financing offer ends presidents' day at sleep train. superior service best selection lowest price guaranteed. ♪ sleep train ♪ ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪
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day, you don't have to go very far in the bay area to find these treats but before you bite, take a listen handmade chocolate is the new cupcake. this valentine's day you don't have to go far to find these treats. but before you bite, take a listen. >> reporter: from dandily i don't know and san francisco's mission district to bella, small boutiques are cropping up around the bay area with handmade chocolates featuring unusual flavors. >> that's a rose. >> reporter: if you're looking
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for something sweet for the sweety -- >> dark chocolate. >> milk chocolate all the way. >> maybe caramel. >> dark chocolate. >> reporter: the good news, chocolate's packed with healthy chemicals. >> the cocoa help make your blood vessels relaxed, reducing blood pressure. >> reporter: the bad news, it's packed with fats and sugar. what is a chocolate lover to do? well, there's a way to have your chocolate and eat it too. >> look for a higher percentage of cocoa products. >> reporter: she says the darker, the better. at least 60% cocoa or higher means more good and less sugar. >> a little bit of the bitterness to the chocolate. that gives you the health benefit. >> reporter: and think small. >> once you open up a bar, you're going to eat the whole bar. >> reporter: individually brand squares can help with portion
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control. and take one chock explat put the rest away until tomorrow. >> out of sight, out of mind. >> reporter: honestly, what do you really want on valentine's day? >> my husband is my sweetness. >> and now what's good for the heart is good for the brain. and these may help improve neurological function as we age. an ounce a day is fine with me.
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keeping a closer eye on crime hot
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i was able to identify some of the suspects from the video that was captured. >> reporter: keeping a closer eye on crime hot spots. how a camera network have become a crucial crime fighting tool. >> they're honking the horns and high beaming me. >> the stretch of roads considered so dangerous, a county is reaching out for help. those stories and much more tonight at 6:00. >> all right. thank you for watching. >> pelley: tonight, the deadly end game. ( gunfire ) in the midst of a firefight, our carter evans was with the police as they brought an end to a killing spree by a fired l.a. cop. >> reporter: they have dorner cornered in a cabin right now. they're preparing to move in. >> pelley: the president pushes his state of the union agenda, including a higher minimum wage and gun control. including a higher minimum wage and gun control. >> the families of newtown deserve a vote.
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the families of aurora deserve a vote. >> pelley: major garet and nancy cordes >> pelley: major garret and nancy cordes on what's likely to pass. a major change in air travel is coming. sharyl attkisson has the breaking news. and the pope explanation his resignation. alan pizzey has benedict's final public mass. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: good evening. the coroner's office is working to make a positive identification on remains recovered from the ruins of a cabin in san bernardino county the scene of a ferocious shoot- out yesterday between christopher dorner and sheriff's deputies. the remains are believed to be those of dorner. his firing by the l.a.p.d. allegedly sent him on a killing spree that began ten days ago and left four people dead. he was targeting police officers and their families.

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